Blogging Break

As may have been noticed I didn’t manage to find time to post anything for the Carnival of Aces last month despite hosting it. This is due to a lack of time and that I need to be relaxed enough to feel comfortable writing the posts. At the moment I’ve got a lot of catching up to do on uni subjects and have been struggling for motivation (I’m in my final semester after already having completed 5 years of a double degree), I’m also working two jobs which are eating into some of the free time. This has combined with my living circumstances and that have meant it has taken me a while to get to a relaxed state when I do have time and usually if I do reach that point I don’t have enough time to write anything before somebody comes home as I need the privacy to write in comfort. I’m not expecting that to change till the second half of this year so it is unlikely I will post much if anything at all.

However I am still doing some asexuality related things which I would rather focus on when I do have the time available. These include coordinating my local meetup group and taking part in a 101 workshop at a local university and assisting with another asexual related workshop at my university for Rad Sex and Consent week (next week). I’ve also just discovered that Queer Collaborations (an annual queer conference in Australia) is being held at my university so it is likely I’ll end up doing something related to that.

On the mention of Queer Collaborations, I’m planning the monthly meetup around it so if they’re are any Australians attending it, please get in contact with us.

In the mean time I’m considering starting another blog as an outlet for non-asexual related material, particularly related to tabletop gaming (I’m putting submissions into my gaming clubs newsletter), adding story to the game of Total War I’m currently playing through and some other things (like the poor understanding of Roman history by wargamers and LARPlarpers).

There’s plenty of material I want to write about so hopefully after this period I’ll finally get some time to work through it all.

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