Upcoming posts

Well I haven’t been blogging much lately. Mostly due to laziness but also due to moving house, exams and not having anything to add to the Carnival of Aces topics. So this post is more about putting together a list of topics together (some of which I’ve been sitting on since I started this blog) and trying to motivate myself to actually write them.

If there are any of these topics or another topic that you would like me to write about let me know in the comment and I’ll try to make it a priority, which should help motivate me.

  • What is attractive? – this is building on what the Ace Theist posted some months back but is an article I’d planned for months just didn’t have access to a book for a quote I wanted.
  • Differentiating attraction, will it help others? – expansion of a conversation I walked away from at a wedding recently, More general LGBT focus but also brings up generational issues.
  • How I use labels – looking at how I externally and internally use labels, this might end up being a more about how I identify as well and some of the areas of doubt. Possibly break into a couple of posts.
  • Guide to organising/attending meetups – not sure on whether I’ll do this one yet but will be based on my experiences attending and organising my meetup group over the last year.
  • Relationship musings – basically what it says
  • Stress responses and aversion – looking at sex-aversion/repulsion and some responses. Mostly based on my (confusing) responses at a strip club.
  • Working out my boundaries – focus on physical boundaries and trying to work out where they are and how my idea of these boundaries has changed over time
  • Being male and asexual – question that was asked of me at the first meetup I went to but never actually answered.

That should be enough for the moment but there may be more added later.


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