Confidence Rising

Second post for the day, which is impressive given I have’t posted in almost a month. The previous post was actually started four weeks ago during my first week of uni and since then I’ve been too busy to get around to finishing it. Thankfully its now mid-semester break and I’ve had Easter to recharge.

The last couple of weeks have been very interesting and a massive boost to my confidence. I’ve been to my third AVEN meetup in as many months which is now looking to become a more regular thing and hopefully the numbers will start to grow as we start to make each event different. I also used this event as a stepping stone to coming out to my parents. This had been a great source of anxiety for me and something I’d been trying to find a way to do for months. They were, as expected, perfectly accepting however I did leave them to do most of the exploration themselves after providing them with links, as that was the part that had been making me hold back. So now that they know I have one of my main safety nets and a place to go should I need support or somebody to talk to that is likely to be there when I need them.

The timing of this couldn’t have been better as the next day at work one of the other co-workers asked if I idenfied as asexual after I casually answered “nope” when asked if I was interested in ay of the customers. His only response was ïnteresting” and later he must have noticed I was a little nervous and thrown (mostly as I was still wondering about my parents respons as well as that was less than 24 hours old) as he made a topic out of one of my hobbie later. So I’m likely to be less anxious at work now, however haven’t had a shift since due to Easter closure.

This confidence boost also gave me little hesitation about contacting a person putting together a proposal for an asexual documentary for one of the local TV stations. This resulted in a conversation that went for over an hour and I spoke about some things that I haven’t mentioned to anybody. One thing  I did find during the conversation though is that whilst I’ve thought about many things I haven’t taken the time to refine my thoughts into something that I can understandably convey to another person, particulary without including  elements that I don’t wish to/shouldn’t mention. Thankfully part of the reason for creating this blog is to explore those areas, so I already have a way to improve communication on those items. So over the next few months that will probably be the focus which should be helpful should the documentary proposal be accepted (which I’m hoping it is) and I’m asked to provide material for it.

Also in my last post I mentioned I’m now uing aromantic rather than grey-romantic (which will require me to get around to updating the About Me page sometime), this wasn’t really a surprise to me as I had an inclining that I would end up changing to that label however needed the grey label whilst I was still analysing, much of which I’m likely to explore in coming posts.


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